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The Other Side


Can I get a moment of silence for all my niggaz in the streets no longer livin
or they headed through them gates to (?) there life in prison forgotton
I feel they pain so now I'm ridin for the situation
my heart goes out to all the T Jones who live impatient
cause some of us blessed-and some of us ain't
some of us takin shit for granted never stoppin to think
I got four handful of my niggaz doin biz
not a thought of comin home what the fuck about they kids
I know I can't be they Daddy but I feel like I can teach 'em
yeah I know I'm only one but I'll be damn if I don't reach 'em
so I'm still here tryna understand why the hell bein poor will get you stoned
my nigga Reggie just did eight flat half of his life is gone
and I'm glad he made it home but see he back without my brother
ain't a day that fly away that I don't think about my brother
he went in when I was thirteen but now I'm twenty four
everyday I sit and hope that they will free him before it's time to go

[Chorus: Dallas + Shyna]
This can't be life Lord please tell me why
why should I try to stay in and fight
and these streets ain't my home
and these niggaz are so wrong
I want so much more before I reach the other side

I got my mug on cause every minute I get caught up in a thug zone
I don't wanna get put up like I'm Pac inside this slug zone
I'm tryna be a better man
see too many soliders die and get acquainted with the sand
I don't hate the world we live in I hate the way it treat us
I know we here to serve a purpose but the devil he will cheat us
just like my nigga Robert Davis who was destined for the ground
and he passed away a living legend king of underground
and I miss him just like alot of y'all missin y'all niggaz
hard times come a mile a minute even for guerilla's
everytime the rain fall out the sky somebody leavin
everytime you see the white chalk you know somebody grievin
it's as simple as that life ain't always for the best
half of us don't even know if we gon end up put to rest
for the night fall and can't nobody see it comin
I tip my hat to them niggaz livin life and steadily runnin (keep on runnin)

[Chorus: repeat to end]

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