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[Hook: Shyna]
Struggling, to live my life
Working hard, trying to get it right
Though it seems, it will never change
Help me God, make it through this rain
Struggling, to live my life
Working hard, trying to get it right
Though it seems, it will never change
Help me God, I can't take this pain

I ain't got no friends, but I got foes
I needed a gallon, only got hoes
See me and my niggas, shed tears for too long
Lost everything, and prayed to get gone
On the cool, it wasn't all about balling
Have you ever been left out, in the rain
Everyday all day, left stuck in the game
Not able to make a choice, and gotta feel the pain
Fell that can you relate, to the life I live
Nothing but thugs on blocks, one life to give
And I don't wanna reminisce, thinking of my life
Will get me pissed, and I'm knowing this
I got a big brother, living in the Penitentiary
Never will I see him again, in this century
And that's fucked up, cause I ain't get to see him that much
I be ready to quit, but then I love too much
On top of that, lost my nigga Screw-U
They all I got, and that's all I had
And I got a damn thang, that motivate Trae
Then they wanna know why, I be mad all day
Or I be sad all day, and sitting in my zone
And I ain't got no love, you better leave me alone
I'm known to get cold, deep inside my soul
Thinking of hard time bitch, fuck hoes and hoes
And piece and chain, and anything else that shine
A lot of that shit, don't really mean a damn thang
I don't do no drugs, I face everything head on
If you ain't ever felt how I feel, get the hell on
The other hand, I deserve to be heard
And everything I live, I can relate with skills
And these niggas wanna knock, cause I ain't on the radio
And everything I spit on the mic, be real


[Dougie D]
Take a look, at the thoughts inside my mind
The pain I feel, it burns so deep inside
It's a struggle everyday, to live my life
Mean a young a black male, at home or die
Just swallow my pride, and I'll take it
Keep on pumping, soon and I'll make it
Face to face, through all of this case shit
Slowly y'all, I've been losing my patience
Everyday that I live, is like I'm dying
But the main light, right look clock he trying
Looking through the hour glass, it's standard time
Love to stay strong, but the weak they gon survive
Don't need to beg, I just ask him
All the pain hurts less, it just pass me
Mo' and mo', I try to be happy
Haters, don't want to let that happen
Through the rain and the pain, I gotta deal with it
Keep my head tight, just to stay real with it
Hustle and grind, just to break bread in it
Pray to God, I don't get found dead in it
My time is my time, your time is your turn
All the bullshit I done faced, up in my life I done faced it
On, and no need for your words
Everyday that I move, I struggle and strive
Long as a nigga, strive the struggle and die
On my grind, for a time to feed my child
On a mission for feddy, to watch and multiply
This time around, a change gon come
All the while, you was thinking that it wouldn't
My sunny days, done turned to rain
But nevertheless, I'm still gon keep on pumping


Over the years, I'm running out of family
But it ain't nothing, but the man in me
I know I gotta be strong, and I can't let it handle me
I gotta ride, for my family
Hey Brenda, I'ma get that plack for you baby
And if not, I'ma die trying
And I put that on my life, I really wanna see Claire
But I don't, cause I can't stop crying
Lord, can you tell me what I did wrong
Why, everybody telling me to be strong
I don't wanna have to keep, doing these songs
Everybody need to leave me, the fuck alone
I'm sick, and I just can't take it
Running from the pain, I feel I can't shake it
I don't even wanna know, if I'ma make it
Nothing but hard times and hard rhymes, I gotta break it
Call me crazy, call me gone
Really, they don't wanna get off in my zone
Cause if I take the time, I put it in my life
A lot of niggas out here, be crying to go home
I'm still at the bottom, might make it to the top
And I know I can't stop, for my brother on lock
And my gal and my child, and everybody else I love
To death, before I'm signing out
I can't take it to heaven, but I continue right here
Everything I will, if your tape don't sell
Everybody and they mama, wanna see a nigga fail
Only time gon tell, of Trae gon prevail
And deep down, my life messing my head up
I'm fed up, and so ready to let up
I'm knocked down, and I don't wanna be getting up
Heavenly Father, help me 'fore I'm giving up


I can't take this pain, I can't take this pain
I can't take this pain, I can't take this pain

No more pain, no more pain
No more pain, no more pain
No more pain, no more pain
No more pain, no more pain


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