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Pimping these hoes
Nothing but a G, is all I expose
I've been pimping since, been pimping since, been pimping since
Been pimping since, been pimping these hoes
Pimping these hoes
Nothing but a G, is all I expose
I've been pimping since, been pimping since, been pimping chicks
They got no sense, I'm pimping these hoes

A P-I-M-P. is all I modify
And niggaz wanna try, but they don't even qualify
To even get close, to a nigga named Trae
When I pull out the drop, trunk pop and wave
These hoes be bopping, when my screens lit
I fly right by, so they don't even benefit
To get close to me, or S.L.A.B.
We threw up the deuce, so keep beating your feet
My game be out of reach, unseen and unheard
I wreck so many flows, I'm classified as terd
Shit, who you think showed y'all the game
Definition of a guerilla, that's untamed
Swanging in fo' lanes, when I'm on the cell phone
With a dark brown dyke, and a bad yellow bone
That's trying to get me home, so they can get it on
They wanna get wrecked, so I'm calling Skinny home
Or maybe even By-Bo, if he pick up his phone
Or maybe even Z-Ro, if he ain't in the zone
You know how we do it, pimping since been pimping still
Pimping never gon be simping, man
They don't wanna see a G shining
Open up my mouth, and these hoes are gonna be blinded
Lining em up, like they on Soul Train
Lil' Trae off the chain, better get my change

[Lil' B]
When I hit the block, bitch better have my money
I'm a P-I-M-P, you think it's funny
All about my dough, like Pooh Bear to honey
I'ma keep my hoes hopping, like a bunny
Get em on stage, and let em work and twerk
Come out they shirt and skirt, and do a little flirt
It don't hurt to come off, a little bit of change
Cause my hoes is bringing, it back to me mayn
When I heat it, it's gon cost a fee I have a thee
We fifteen minutes, or you have to ski
Don't beat your meat, better yet beat your feet
Cause I'm the pimp that's running, these H-Town streets
I'm a pimp by the way I walk, the way I talk
You mad but it ain't my fault, your girl was taught
To work something, and bring it back to me
Lil' B, you fake bustas recognize a G
I'm so thoed when I spit, money, hoes, clothes
It just won't quit, been pimping since been pimping
Was this with million dolla hoes, to make me rich
Dish it's nothing but shrimp, I strut with a limp
Never been a simp, or a whimp
Know the real niggaz, is feeling me
Confidentially, a P-I-M-P


I'm a G from SLAB, pimp in these streets
Stepping out in clothes, that hoes done bought me
Scoping Air Force 1's, hoes that jock me
Jay'Ton the pimp, you don't wanna see
Stepping out the Cadillac, with Kim and Rockell
Can't forget Shay, cause she fine as hell
All a nigga know, is how to make change
So I send em in, and out the hotel
Spreading they legs, and working they mouth
It's an everyday thang, in the Dirty South
In the game I play, I ain't fin to be broke
When I want my mail, they better hit that route
And keep grinding, I want all of my cash
If they don't come pay, then I'm kicking they ass
And sending em back, to the hood where they from
Hit the switch, and burn off on they ass

[Pimp Skinny]
Pimp Skinny, G nigga
Represent, and let the game unfold
Recognize, I done told you hoes
Girl you know, my game is thoed
Nothing but the G shit, from the pros
Give me what's mines, or you got to go
Better peep the game, and go get my dough
And niggaz get to tripping, they can get the fo'
Cause I'm a G nigga, till the day I go
And when I hit the do', commits to cuff your hoe
Late night fucking, in the middle the flo'
Until your bitch say, she don't want no mo'
(ooh Pimp skinny), you already know
Been in my blood, since 1-9-7-4
Never ever, will I love a hoe
I just knock em down, and put em out the do'

[Hook x2]

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