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On Your Own


Get gone kid, before I get in that zone kid
Stop all that damn begging, and go on get your own kid
You know you wrong dog, just cause I'm on dog
Think everytime you stick your hand out, like I'm suppose to give you what ya want dog
That shit done ran out, when I was doing time you clowns ran out
Now you wan' keep eating off mine, that shit don't pan out
They bout to cut your lights off, you tell me that shit ery' month
That's just what Loc talking bout, this time dog ain't the one
Ery'time a nigga fell, you'd be right there to catch him
But the one time you deny him, now that clown mad at ya
Look fuck that, take it how you wanna
Better get you a sign, and stand ya ass on the corner
Get off ya ass people, and go on get your hustle on
We all created equal, stop singing all them sad songs
So all you dead beats, won't you please stop calling me
Begging for cheese, but man that ain't what ya need look thug

[Hook: Shyna]
We don't owe you fuck you, go get it on your own
Everyday I've been grinding getting it all alone, without you
We don't owe you fuck you, go get it on your own
Everyday I've been grinding gettting it all alone, I don't need you

It seems I can't understand, why the fuck my people trip with me like I owe em some'ing
Get off your ass don't look to me for handouts, cause I can't give you nothing
Plus I heard niggaz got a lot to say, about how I live my life
Get this right the reason that I ride alone, is cause half of you niggaz ain't right
Shife maybe just a tad bit, see I can only call what I see
To each it's own do what you do, but the fact remains I'm still a G
Who I be it really don't matter dog, but just know I'm still the same
I grind full time, while you niggaz don't squab a heavyweight in this game
I was told you gotta get up and get it, depending on what you want not what you need
We all need a lot of thangs, but say dog can you succeed
Only time'll tell inside this life, while some of us left alone
And I ain't mad at all I'm a better man, when I get shit on my own


I was taught, that you gotta be your own man
But everybody that I know, holding out they hand
Looking at me, like I owe they ass something
Stressing me everyday, wasn't part of the plan - 2x

Why they whining, I just do what I do
Please don't waste my time, get off your ass and get you
Look why you trying to count mine, you need to focus on you
I'm out here trying to survive nigga, just like you
They searching for a free ride, that's what a lot of em do
But they ain't nowhere to be found, when you be needing them fools
Look they don't play by the rules, like they ain't even got a clue
So it's best that you keep moving, cause Loc ain't got nothing for you


Don't need you, I don't need you
I've been doing it, this long
I've been doing it, on my own
I don't need you, I don't need you
I don't need you, I don't need you

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