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Life Goes On


[Refrão - L. Boogie]
So many times I tried, you know I needed you by my side
But you left me alone for the ride, and I ain't mad at ya
We all know that life goes on-The pain inside got me singin this song
That's why I'd rather be on my own my on, and I ain't mad at ya

[Verso 1 - Trae]
I remember fightin the pain till I was out of breath
But now I live my life, ridin alone like it ain't nothing left
Who'd ever thought I'd do a song to show you how I felt
I tried to keep it real but it ain't no need you only for your self
No matter how many times you turn your back I'm doin fine
It ain't my concern about you and yours, I just keep doin mine
Day after day my people told me you was outta line
You probably took your time, prayin to God that I would never shine, Life goes on

[Verso 2 - L. Boogie]
It's funny how the tables turned, comin from nothing to something(oh yea)
Hell I went through so many things, wouldn't give it up for nothing
And though I learn to survive it's like I'm losin my mind
Cause it's a cold, cold world that we live in
And I can't believe they tried to shit on me, but oh well-Life goes on


[Verso 3 - Trae]
I told myself it ain't no need for me to keep it real
Cause bein real is something that I see you just won't never feel
But I still do my thing and Lord knows I hate the pain
But I know it won't ever change, a G is what I'm gon remain
So I guess that I can't complain

It probably hurt your heart to see me get a piece of fame
But if you would've been down a hundred percent you would've got the same
No matter what I do it seem to me you kind of pissed
And I ain't mad at all you just another one on my list
So now I'm rollin in my zone, It might be lonely at the top but I'm comfortable on my own

I remember many days you was livin to do me wrong
Yeah you took me for granted but now you realizing I'm gone
It's another chapter closed and I'm movin on to the next
I use to stay up stressing but now it be easy for me to rest
It be the same situation when you come from the bottom
They love to watch you suffer, and hate to see you get it without 'em(it's a damn shame)

[Refrão] 2x

Compositor: Frazier Thompson IiI and L. Boogie

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