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Ghetto Pain


This one here for the ghetto
a nigga ain't forgot about y'all
everybody don't see shit the way we see it Knah i'm sayin
shit they don't even feel it the way we do
that's why they don't respect it like that
but I'm here to let them know it's real in the field

[Verse 1: Trae]
I'm from the section of the hood where all the ghetto is pain
and half the block don't even sleep cause they gon' pull a shurrane
most of the shit remain the same and it ain't never gon' change
tryna get it the way you know and keep the feds out of range
alot of shit ends up the worse behind multiple reasons
thought it was hell but know I feel like this is the season
so I bang the whole block today, non stop today
but I'm in all black strapped like the swat today
you never know-so I know I'm watchin everything close
paranoia got me countless droppin anything close
I don't even know the reason shit happen the way it do
if your ghetto the same as mine, I know you feelin like I do
maybe get it, the way I get it-when watchin ya homies die
and it ain't nothin you can do but just talk to e'm while you cry
and ask why he had to leave and move into another place
then you stop and think about it cause he in a better place and it's fucked up!

[Hook: Shyna]
Everyday that I see-I pray to God that I breathe
everywhere I go, my ghetto is-my ghetto is pain
everyday that I try-I pray to God to get by
everywhere I go, my ghetto is-my ghetto is pain

[Verse 2: Trae]
I was always taught to watch my surroundings when up on the block
glock cocked when I played the field, while niggaz pitchin e'm rocks
cops posted up in the jail house waitin for e'm to strike
but these bitches gon' have to catch us tonight
my lil'homie 'round the corner just got caught up for ten
the bad part is if he get free, he'll be at it again
I always told myself that if I made it in rap I'd come back for the hood
but I forgot these niggaz up to no good
how the fuck I'm a help somebody, who ain't helpin they self
and at the same time wanna do you when they think you got wealth
Lord knows we up in the ghetto for most of our life
but I played it smart and got on my hustle for the rest of my life
and I don't need to shine so I take my time like snails
cause ain't no feature finna be rappin from jail if you can't tell
I'm straight out of the section where ya partners will get ya
but would rather put this in the air, you better hope they don't hit ya-in the
street life


[Shyna sings 'til end]

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