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Don't Need Yall


[Hook x2]
I never thought that I would, ever see the day
That my people, will try to use my life away
I really wish that I could leave, and go away
So it's best, to stay the fuck away from Trae

When the fuck, these niggaz gon learn
I've been the realest thang, that done came in they life
And it hurt me daily to turn my back, but still I know they ain't right
No time to be shife, but still I know I gotta ride for my own
I prolly never would of been pissed, if I was riding alone
But situations in my life, done made me change for the best
I can't speak for the rest, but I know a lot of my life been a mess
I can't take back the past, so now I'm blaming it all on myself
I had niggaz that came and left, while spending all of my wealth
But quietly kept, I'm bad for your health don't get too close
Cause I can't determine my friends and my foes, bitches and hoes
Where was they at, when I ain't had a damn thang in my pocket
Like I ain't see the love I gave em, when they took it and dropped it
So now I'm all across they face, and ain't no way they can stop me
And plus they know my attitude, be quick to go off like Rocky's
Can't knock it cause I ain't wrong, I speak the truth in this song
So don't come asking me bout shit, just leave me the fuck alone damn

[Hook x2]

So now they got the nerve, to say I'm on some high-seditty shit you tripping bitch
How the fuck is y'all talking down, and I grind for this don't make me click
Cause I'll do ya like I never knew ya, I gotta keep my guards up
Cause they say your own'll be quick to use ya, but not no mo'
Cause I would rather be doing bad, and they don't come around
Before I let em use me up, and try to weigh me down
I got a lot of anger inside, pride gotta keep me going
And the reason I'm one deep up in this game, is what's gon keep me flowing
My heart been soft at times, I tried to let em use my hand
But then they would push it up out the way, and I could never understand
But now I do, a lot of these niggaz don't give a fuck about me
So when they see me loading up, I advise that they get from round me
You never thought I could find me, but now I done found myself
My cousin on lock for two, so I'm repping him by myself
These niggaz done got me heated, so I'm headed for my shelf
Cause I feel like, they wanna put a couple slugs in my health

[Hook x2]

I never seen the picture clear, than the way that I seen it today
These niggaz out here gon learn about pain, from fucking with Trae
I'm the one that'll ride or die, at the drop of a dime
And I don't respect y'all the same, cause y'all done crossed over lines
How you gon look me in my eyes, and steady lie to my face
You know we both be down to die, so don't you come in my space
I heard the other day that you said, that you was down with the click
Don't be so quick to hop the fence, you might just get in some shit
That you can't get out of, cause I ain't gon be saving the day
See I'm a lonely guerilla, that might come mobbing today
Better get out the way, before I'm feeling like I'm disrespected
And the second I reminisce, it's gon be getting hectic
It ain't no calming me down, cause I've been calm in the past
You niggaz ain't finna be stressing me, if you try to show ass
And I don't need ya at all, cause y'all ain't true to the game
I know that y'all the type of niggaz, that be faking for fame

[Hook x4]

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