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All Alone


What up Mr. Dinkie how you feeling my nigga
greetings from your next to be the K-I-N-G
It's been a second, but I hate the way that I'm feeling G
Still it's plain to see, I ain't been living the best I can
I ain't living the best of shit, cause I've been stressing and I really need a hand
Better yet fuck that, I need you by my side
So we can hop inside the M, and take a ride
Reminiscing on how we missed out, over the years together shed our tears together
Back to back without no fears together, ready to do whatever
I never knew that you would go, and learn to live a life of crime
I never knew that I would see Lorie, get buried in the ground
I prolly missed out on my childhood, living a harder life
Than most of these kids that never seen, the side of death up in they life
I know I never would of been rapping, if it wasn't for you
Started out in 12th, who'd ever thought that I'd be making it through
I bet to you it wasn't a soul, that had the faith we had up on eachother
So I love you to death, real conversation from your blood brother

[Hook: Billy Cook]
Life goes on, living my life and I'm riding in my zone
Dealing with pressure, but still I gotta be strong
Holding it down, until you come back home I feel all alone
Life goes on, living my life and I'm riding in my zone
Dealing with pressure, but still I gotta be strong
Holding it down, until you come back home see life goes on

I don't think they told ya, that I'm one of the best to do what I do
Holding you down everytime I rap, you know I'm repping for you
See I'm my brother's keeper, and it don't mean much to everybody else
To me it mean the world, and I don't give a fuck about nobody else
Tatted on my arm and on my hand, for me to show 'em the love
I'd even take a beating, if it's death then I'll be taking that slug
I remember watching you get your change, pulling up in that '98
On swangas on Fondren & Main, I barely knew a thang
But I was cool as fuck, everything that you did I tried to do the same
Now I only think about you, going through that pain
On that cell block, living in a jungle of gorillas
But I know they ass don't want it, cause they fucking with a killa
Sometimes I hit the cut, just to hear the G's talk about ya
How you brought it for the streets, and shit ain't been this far without ya
It hurt when I'm glancing at your picture, wishing you was here
But you left me all alone, to grab the wheel and try to steer


I be stomped, on my big brother and lil' brother talk
But I'ma be alright tonight's the night
that I decide to walk, hope that I don't get caught
I finally caught up with your daughter, even though they ass tried to hide her
Trying to say that she ain't yours, fuck that that bitch a liar
Danny Boo say that she is, me and Jay say that she is
Everything about her, plus looking at her face say that she is
Yeah I got the kite, anything that you want I got
Don't worry about the name, cause everything I'm on note to keep it hot
Whether or not they like it, just as long as they ass see it
Twenty thousand on my neck, to make sure they ass gotta read it
You my brother plus the youngest one
seem to be taking your ways and bringing 'em back
Flyer than a motherfucker, swanging bags under the Lac
Ready to fight just like I am, you know that we got it from you
Plus our temper down the drain, nigga you know just how we do
We from the same mother, so you know we all look like we twins
You my heart, I'ma tell you over time and time again


[Billy Cook]
My life-my life-my life, I'm riding on my zone
I gotta be strong, that's why I'm holding it down
Until you come back home, see life goes on
Living my liiiiii-iiiiiii-iiiiife, feeling the pressure
Feeling the pressure yeeeeeah, oooh-oh-I-I

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