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A Letter



[Hook x2: Shyna]
I'm writing, a letter
I'm writing, writing a letter to my loved ones

Dear Dinkie, more it what happened everytime I think about you
It's like the world been on my shoulders, everyday I been without you
My way of living ain't healthy, but I'm trying to be a man
I swear to God I'm fin to lose my cool, and people don't understand
Cause they be coming at me with drama, not knowing I'm going through it
I've been running from suicide, but they pushing me to do it
My nigga I'm telling you, I be needing you by my side
But when I see Danny Boo face, I be knowing I gotta ride
Deep inside it's tearing me up, since I'm praying it'll be ok
I mash the gas a hundred percent, till we together one day
You got a nephew on the way, I forgot to tell you the news
That mean just one more part of us, that'll give them hoes the blues
Our baby brother Jay'Ton, been doing his thang
And since he the youngest, you know mama won't hesitate to complain
And it's the same old thang, one day I'm coming to get you
As long as I'm in these streets, I promise they'll never forget you

[Hook x2]

What's happening baby girl, it's been a long time
You know I'ma rep you forever, with every word coming out this hard time
Lori, I'm never gon forget the day that you died
I couldn't cry, but all the pain inside was killing my pride
I had to be strong, for the sake of Dinkie in his cell
I knew he would lose it, missing you is what put him through hell
Your unborn child, didn't even get to see the day
I never understood why, the Lord'll let em come take you away
And I turned out how you wanted me to be, somebody special
Made the Lord bless you, now you don't have to deal with this pressure
On earth I really miss you, reminiscing bout how we use to be
I was your brother, you was my sister for L-I-F-E
My mission ain't over, till the day that I get the nigga that did it
Whether living or dead, somebody he close to fin to feel it
And I mean it, cause he took one of my loved ones
Now I'm losing focus, writing a letter to my loved one

[Hook x2]

Brenda what happened, Donnie we gotta keep the Lord first
The paining is burst, got me visualizing us living life in the worst
Way, I try to smile but it be hard sometimes
Knowing that you facing murder, due to the fact these niggas be out of line
I can't explain life, but still I understand
Everything happened for a reason, just part of becoming a man
And I can't tell you how I feel, when I heard that your mama passed
Knowing the last time you seen her, was in visitation through glass
Lord knows keyendation, ain't need to be in your life
So I'ma mash it to the fullest, and make sure they iight
And every night I'm on my knees, to ask the Lord to help you out
Inside my mind without a doubt, I know he bout to let you out
But don't you lose faith, cause faith is important at this time
And I'm your dog to the end, no matter what I'ma be around
South Klique forever, through the sunny and rainy weather
I love you my nigga, that's the reason I'm writing this letter

[Hook x2]

I'm missing you, I'm mis-sing you

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