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Home Away From Here

Touché Amoré

I’m coming to terms that I’m not concerned
With planting my feet but moving onward
I’m growing older but I can't get over
The need of colder skin when I know that home is warmer
It's just that I have this problem
Where I want to be everywhere I’m not
But I’m thankful for what I’ve got
A room in a house where my bed may stay
But the feel of another’s sheets help keep my demons away
It’s become clear that what keeps me here
Is that sense of failure and other nightmares
I’ve become jaded and I can’t escape it
The thought of settling when I know it's what I hated
It's just I have this problem
Where I want to be everywhere I’m not
It's just I know myself and I’ll sacrifice everything I’ve got
Though I can’t afford to eat as much as I would like to be
And my bills won’t pay themselves so I’ll come up with another scheme
This place looks better from a passenger window
Or when stared at from up above
But when you’re chasing brightness
You'll lose concern with the damage done
It's not my fault
I’ll try to call
No ties no roots I'm fine.

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