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Msg 4 God's Children

Tory Lanez

The New Toronto 3

90's televisions that raised me
Made me feel like it was gravy and wasn't crazy
Now a days the kids all lazy, the pics all crazy
In the land doing drugs and busting clips off safety
I be crying to the Lord in the times that I feel unsure
Wisdom of the scriptures, like carving lines in a sword
I pray we stick together like all the vines on a wall
Climbing until we fall and driving until we stall
Designer clothes got us here dying in every store
Buying it when we're poor, knowing this shit a hassle
And money that should be going to owning bigger castles
And still we dibble dabble and try to find it abroad
Living life in the fog, our eyes covered
With all this self inflicted danger, we could die from it
I'm running through the game just tryna get some ties from it
I was buggin' the times that I said that I love it
Because I grew to love my self and who hovers above me
And plus my family and my brothers who love me
This is God's purpose
I know the devil wanna scratch me off surface
But every attempt he trying is worthless
That boy will never get me
Or represent me, fall out and get to resent me
I'm part of Jehovah army, I know exactly who sent me
And I don't mean to sound like I'm preaching you down
Disregard my past ways, this what I'm teaching you now
Words that I should have been spoke, I'ma speak em up now
Niggas try to ether my style while keeping me down
I can tell you, so many people wanna find reasons for living
Wanna be a helping hand but don't know how to give it
I told 'em, fall all on your knees, repent for yo evil deeds
Ask God to show you, but, nigga, actually seek
Mean it when you say it, don't pray it because I told you
Do it for the need of him to show you
I'm telling y'all, I ain't never felt better dog
Bentley pulling off, Bentayga still smelling off (Yeah)
I love my haters when they jealous dog (Uh)
'Cause all that I can do is flourish dog (Yeah)

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