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Last Love Letter (Skit)

Tory Lanez

Chixtape 5

[Girl 1:] So how you feeling, girl?

[Girl 2:] Honestly I just don't know, like
I feel like we was just starting to get a thing for each other
I just wish I never did this shit

[Girl 1:] I feel you girl
But that's what you get for fucking with Jalissa

[Girl 2:] Sometimes I wish I never even met that girl
You know what the worst part about it is?
Just when we started getting good
Hold on, girl, somebody at the door

[Delivery Guy:] I have a package for a (Leah) Watson
If you could just sign right here

[Girl 1:] Whose (weird) ass voice is that?

[Girl 2:] Nobody, it's just a package

[Girl 1:] Who's the package for?

[Girl 2:] Hold on a second, who is this from?

[Delivery Guy:] Tory, or Mr. Tony

[Girl 2:] Oh shit, girl it's from Tory!

[Girl 1:] Okayy!

[Delivery Guy:] You have a nice day

[Girl 2:] Alright

[Girl 1:] What is it?

[Girl 2:] It's a note with a CD

[Girl 1:] So what does the note say?

[Girl 2 and Tory Lanez:] It says
"You let me down, and I won't forget that
But without giving me things like that
I (can't) give you things like this. "

[Girl 1:] Okay, well what the CD say?

[Girl 2:] It says, Chixtape Si

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