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Honda Civic

Tory Lanez

You got, something that I do want
Something that you do got
You, so fly I'll fly your ass, I'll fly you to Dubai
Move round the blue sky, drive in a new ride
You so bad you can't come, round my niggas
Cause all us thirsty, really though
We be goin' in, like we all got curfews, really though
By the way, who the fuck, is knock-knockin' at the function
Man I hate when a nigga cockblockin' at the function
I'm tryna get laid tonight
Tryna find a group of all girls who down for their ladies night
Cause you know it's on when I come
Pullin' up clean in my Nike Airs
Nightmares at the bottom
Got up mobbin' through the city of the eve
In my Yves Saint Laurent shirts and palm sleeves
But you know, that it's all for you
And when I'm down on the ground, and fucked up
Girl, I'll call for you
Know that you're needed, know that you're needed
Cause when these hoes hoed out and these niggas sold out
Girl you still down

You're always down [x4]
Don't, don't go
Don't stay
Don't, can we go

I swear you been down since 6th grade
Down with all my shit, I didn't even have shit straight yet
You remember them days
Nigga probably wouldn't eat
If it wasn't for you workin' at the Micky D's real late
Girl I, thuggin', hustlin', strugglin'
Tryna bring money in, you know you were there for that
I remember that day, you lend me your Civic
It ran outta gas but I ain't have money to pay but
Fuck it I'm on now, my money is long now
Got drivers to open the door now
Put diamonds in both of your drawers now
And you know this shit for you
Fuck wit yo nigga baby
I been that nigga since day 1
The one that you talk to when shit is crazy
Lately I feel like we lost touch, wanna gain that back
I wanna lean on you without having to drink that act
Girl you know, don't wanna think that back
I wanna give my trust but, don't wanna take that back

Girl let me know if, you are down for this
Cause I'm so, so down
Oh it will go down
And when it does go, and when it does go
Just know I love you, and you know its true
Fuck wit me tonight, I think this shit right
I did this shit right
I think this feel right
I think this feel right
I think this feel right

You're always down
Don't, don't go
Don't stay
Don't, can we go

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