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A Poem From Me 2 You

Tory Lanez

So many critics against me, it's startin' not to offend me
So much lies to the people, they started not to defend me
The ballers, the rappers, singers, niggas with Emmys
Got me thinkin' from the start, they was holdin' some hidden envy
My peers that get offended, I love you but I meant it
Once upon a time, we had this thing called friendship
Instead y'all betrayed me, talk loud in your mentions
You laughed at my pain and only at my expenses
You went from, "That's my brother for life. Quarantine, Quarantine"
To now y'all just showin' me what bein' alone means
I don't hold it against you, you see me, it's love
You know I know what it is 'cause I know what it was
This is what fame 'bout, clickbaitin' the clout
Believin' one side of the story 'fore the other side come out
When your most firm believers are all startin' to doubt
Die for your soul before they kill you for clout

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