Daddy's Home

Toots And The Maytals

I want you to play softer for me, brother
Just do it for me
I'm begging you to play softly for me brother now
Oh yeah
Won't you play softer for me?
Sing my song for you

Daddy's yeah yeah (home), tell my mommy for me
(home home, daddy)
Want you to tell her, right now yeah
Tell her that I'm right here
(home, home daddy)
I'm longing to see my mommy
I want hold her up, I want to talk with her, I want to kiss her
I want to shake her hand
Cuz I love her so

Hmmm mmm let me tell you something

Once I was away far far from my home
Didn't know how to come back home
Woah, momma
And one night when I wake up, I could see clearly
That there was nowhere in sight
I could see my ma and pa coming to look for me
But it was just a dream, just a dream yeah
And then I said "ma, I need to go home
So I can start to walk my bridges
And walk towards my door
I met a girl who's named jeane and she said
"toots, you know
I gotta give you a new name before you leave this place"
I asked her why
She said "just because you look to be very great"
"that's why I'm gonna call you"
Mr. mr santin a bono

Remineye saint-remineye saint-reminiminiminimineye saint
That's my new name

Woah baby, hmmmm
Don't know when she's gonna call me
Mr santin remineye saint-remineye saint-
reminiminiminimineye saint
That's my new name

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