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Bare Necessities

Tony Joe White

I try to be cool but you turn on the heat
You got sexy ways tantalize me
It's there between us and you know it's true
Just roll with it baby I'm gonna take care of you
We got the feeling and that's all we need
Gonna get down to the bare necessities

I don't need a mojo John the conqueror root
You're my good luck woman I'll just rub on you
I don't need to ride in a limousine
But a little Jag baby wouldn't hurt anything
It don't take much to satisfy me
I like to keep it down to the bare necessities

Wouldn't mind a little condo way down in Cancun
So me and my woman could have a little breathing room
Money talks if it's the right amount
A little nest egg baby in an overseas bank account
It may be true the best things are free
But I want to have enough for the bare necessities
Gonna get down to the bare necessities

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