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Backside Of Paradise

Tony Joe White

They say I was born on a stormy night jammin' to the blues
My mama thought that I was a good luck charm
But I think that I was touched with the hoodoo
I must have been a swamp doctor's sacrifice
Cause I'm on the backside of paradise

All out of rhythm in my snakeskin shoes a victim of the dance
A medicine man gave me something for my nerves
But I think it was an aphrodisiac
Suspended animation with my temperature on the rise
I'm on the backside of paradise

I can look out but I can't see within
Can't face what's behind the mask
On top of the world with you under my skin moving too fast
She's a hot blooded octaroon with a heart cold as ice
I'm on the backside of paradise
I'm on the backside of paradise

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