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The Great Divide

Tommy Shaw

Believing that our love was over
We climbed to the attic to find
A few of my favorite possessions
So they wouldn't be left behind
But there in a dust covered shoe box
A bundle of old letters lie
Wrapped in an old faded ribbon
Like a message across the great divide
Those letters from grandpa to grandma
Were written with love through the years
Read just like the words from a love song
As we read them together in tears
Last one said I've always loved you
And don't ever feel sad or cry
Cause if I cross over before you
I'll be waiting across the great divide
Oh, love has a life of it's own
To love, love, love has a life of it's own
We knew when we finished those letters
No one would be saying goodbye
You sent us a gift of forever in those letters 'cross the great divide
Oh, love has a life of it's own
Love, love, love has a life like those letters
Across the great divide.

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