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Afraid To Love

Tommy Shaw

And it's inside can't remember,
I've always had this image in my mind
Know when my mama had my daddy sing
Too loose that little twinkle in their eyes
Despite the fact love didn't last
I can't live in the past
No I don't wanna be
Afraid to love

There's cheaters and there's ?
And the ones you end up beating all the odds
There's screamers and deceivers
And the ones who have been smiled upon by god
There's those like me and you who rise above
The deep dark blue
I swear I'll never be
Afraid to love
Afraid to love,

I've seen the ? reinvent the institution of romance
They surely fooled a ...
where deceive and love don't even stand a chance
Our little joy, a little pain like the sun shine
Like the rain
I'll never be like them
Afraid to love
Afraid to love
Afraid to love.

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