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Shadow People

Tom Petty

Hypnotic Eye

Shadow people, will sing their heads
In the corner next to you
When the light is red

If you're thinkin' to look
You may be thinkin' at pain
I guessed that pretty much
It can call you away

Shadow people in a shadow land
Like I'm thinkin' at the great one
And the other comes worse
That one is trapped on a gun
And turned up with a herd

That one is set on the water
Got some food
For the war that's comin'
And the Judgement Day
Shadow people in a shadow land

And this one carries a gun for the USA
He's a 20'th century man
And he's scarry as hell
Cause he isn't afraid
He will destroy anything
You don't understand

When I aim at left
And I aimto the right
I ain't even sure
I got a dog in the spine

And I'm in need
I ain't got time to breathe
I feel like shadows are falling all over me

Like shadow people in shadow lands
Shadow people in shadow land
Shadow people in shadow land

Waiting for the sun to be split over there
I ain't got any shadow at all

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