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Burnt Out Town

Tom Petty

Hypnotic Eye

I was walking down the street the other day
A woman stopped me
She said: why are you loking so down in the mouth?
And I told her

This is a burnt out town
Is full of dirty looks
The ashes are mainstream
And the mayor is cooking the books

I even like those friends
I turn them into crooks

Yeah this is the burnt out town
You wear the same clothes
They dancing on the glass ceilings
While the money flows

She doesn't know who I am
She doesn't care

Take that, honey!

This is the burnt out town
The city has come to blow
It's a cruel reality
A decent life exposed

Yeah, it's the burnt out town
It's going down but no one knows
Yeah, it's the burnt out town
Ain't there but we're getting close

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