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Interstate 80 (Feat. Slash)

Tom Morello

Just last night I finished a bite
At the corner of Illinois and Grand
When a shadow passed over Broadway and Dover
Seven bodies smashed into the dam
The next day they say the levee gave way
Birds fell from the sky like stars
There was ice in the elms, no one at the helm
The dam finally broke but no one thought to film

The exodus of the Greyhound bus
As it roared from heaven's gate
Flash bulb pop as the front line drop
I'ma turn up to Interstate 80 (80) 80

Now a river kept rising and I was surmising
If I stood up, I might stand a chance
To avoid a repeat of those that died in their sleep
'Cause they didn't have the courage to dance
Well the locks were shaking, and no one's waiting
To see who's in line for the throne
Something on my mind burns like turpentine
It scours the soul and steals the spine

So kick up some gravel and watch us unravel
Wait, what the fuck's that in the shade?
Now I try to stay calm, I'm sure it don't mean no harm
But I hit the gas on Interstate 80 (80) 80

Baby, you wanna live forever
Calculate some beats and some rhymes
While you and yours was acting clever
I was barreling 'cross the state line
Now who's gonna last and who's gonna pass?
I got news, we all pass in time
The file's deleted, my mission's completed
And everyone's repaid in kind

I got one more idea the next time I see ya
Here's a trick I learned down in Haiti
Slip on your Sunday shrouds, turn the radio up loud
And disappear down Interstate 80 (80) 80

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