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Festival (With Yussef Dayes)

Tom Misch

What Kinda Music (Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes)

You were saying that you don't feel warm
when the sun comes through to bright my day
Don't forget when we were younger, no fair, no fair
well, that was only now and then
Hundred miles, keep going, keep going
press the pedal on the floor till the skies are there

'Cause it's still still (Ooh)
We're still still (Ooh)

Seemed too narrow at the time, I had tunnel
tunnel vision anyway, it made me blind
When exactly did we stop, in on top of the world
and called it just a mountain time
All those moments come and go
everything I thought I know, spend it on what I left behind

So we're still still (Ooh)
We're still still (Ooh)

Still still
Still still

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