Tom Jones


Tom Jones

From the first time that I heard you I knew
I´d be hooked on you forever like the blues
People told me you would hurt me, so untrue
Cos after all these years, you´re the
one thing that´s still here
Cos of you there´s no alone
you´ve been with me through it all

Never Never Never Never gonna give you up
running through my blood
Never Never Never Never leaving you behind
Always on my mind
can´t get enough of your highs and your lows
You take me places where nobody goes
And if you went away, I would never be the same

Oh your sweetness is like sugar on my lips
When you´re not around it´s your melody that I miss
Like an old friend you come back to me so quick
And after all this time I´ve still got you in my life
You and me we're going strong
You and me we still belong

[Chorus x3]

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