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One Note Samba

Tom Jobim

Man From Ipanema

Dbm7 C7
This is just a little samba,
B7/4 Bb7/-5
Built upon a single note
Dbm7 C7
Other notes are bound to follow,
B7/4 Bb7/-5
But the root is still that note
Em7/9 A7/+5
Now this new one is the consequence,
Dmaj7 Dm7 G7
Of the one we've just been through
Dbm7 C7 B7/4 Bb7/-5 A6/9
As I'm bound to be the unavoidable consequence of you
Dm7 G7
There's so many people who can talk
And talk and talk and just say nothing,
Or nearly nothing
Cm7 F7
I have used up all the scale I know,
And at the end I've come to nothing,
Bdim Bb7/-5
Or nearly no.....thing
Dbm7 C7
So I came back to my first note,
B7/4 Bb7/-5
As I must come back to you
Dbm7 C7
I will pour into that one note,
B7/4 Bb7/-5
All the love I feel for you
Em7/9 A7/+5
Anyone who wants the whole show,
Dmaj7 Dm7 G7
Re mi fa sol la si do
C6 B7
He will find himself with no show,
Bbmaj7* A7

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