Tom Jobim

Was once a lady broken-hearted and undone
She nearly lost her faith she'd ever meet her mate one day,
Though love was nearby, in fact, about to make its entrance
Later in the script, but in the meantime...

Behind her smile lived a loneliness
No Leonardo could hide
When hearts collide
Can they ever repair?
Love never lasted off-screen;
How could she fly without wings?
Losing each new leading man
To those unhappy endings.

Behind her tears ebbed an emptiness
Vast as an ocean, as blue,
But no one knew
Of the weather within.
Cinema aimed at the heart,
But none of the loves scenes were real:
Simply rehearsing a part
She'd forgotten how to feel.

Enter the one whom the author created especially for her;
The focus blurs
The composer writes strings.
Cinema straight from the heart,
Shot on location within,
We see the past fade to black;
We see happiness begin.

Compositor: Antonio Carlos Jobim / Michael Franks

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