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Woman Of The Year

Tom Fogerty

Went to my lover, Lord, baby just to take a ride
You know, outside it's a beautiful day
We went walkin', Lord, baby by the riverside
She blew my mind in a beautiful way, yes she did

W-O-M-A-N (Woman of the Year)

(repeat chorus twice)

She brings me red roses, fine wine in the summertime
She brings me up in a time I'm down
She brings me strawberries with my cherries in a Cadillac car
She keeps my mind in the finer part of town, yes she does

(chorus, x3)


When we get rich, Lord, baby I'll buy her the moon & stars
To match the sunshine in her hair
I owe her so much for the way I am today
She makes me feel like I'm a millionaire

(chorus, x6)

Compositor: Tom Fogerty/randy Oda

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