Why Me

Tom Fogerty

Why Me

When things go wrong & you keep on tryin'
But the technical don't work out right
You call up the lawyer, but the phone is busy
& you don't get to sleep tonight
Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?

You jump in the car & you head for the highway
But the gate sits some big oh-wee
You find your hotline, but it heats up your last time
& friends own a luxury
Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?

I fought the pack off a silver dollar, but the silver just turned to gold
I fought the law with a Dennis Holler, but they pulled me back away

You find yourself in the midst of the crossroads
With the lights all turning red
Right in the pocket, right in the south
The purse, it drops on your hand
Why me? Why me? Why me? Oh why me?

("uh huh huh" scat singing)
(repeat bridge)

Well, you go your way & I go my way
The world keeps spinnin' 'round
You got the answer in your big back-a pocket
Just start puttin' in down
Why me? Why me? Why me? Oh why me?
I know, you know, why me?

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