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Summer Night

Tom Fogerty

Summer Night

The moon is a silvery speck in the sky
The stars are shining bright
The breeze is blowin' along on my face
Oh what a beautiful night

My love is standing close by my side
I smell her sweet perfume
Her hair is glowing soft in the light
A beautiful night in June

Summer was made for lovers, I know
With all of its flowers in bloom
All of my mem'ries of summer, it seems
Are sweet as this night in June

The sound of the crickets trills in the night
The sound of the warm wipporwill
Fills up the air with a musical knife
& gives my heart a thrill
& leaves me with such a thrill

("la la la" scat singing, same pattern as verses)
(repeat bridge)

This is the season when warmth fills the air
So long as the summer is here
Promise is made on this warm summer night
Make it summertime all of the year

(instrumental, concluding with sound effect of rainfall & long hold of organ on D)

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