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Rainbow Carousel

Tom Fogerty

Angel came to me late last night in my dreams
& she said that things are not always what they seem
Then she told me coincidence is more than a lucky chess
It's a sign, it's a way to see into the light

Everything happened for a reason
Every path you follow takes you down that line
You've got your destination, I've got mine
I've got mine, yes I do

She took me on a trip to the land where the children run the show
She took me by the hand & led me down through the desert & the snow
When I opened up my eyes, my surprise was to look at the simple truth
There's a path you can follow if you open up your heart


Angel took me home, I awoke, there were flowers on my bed
My lady pulled me close, & this too kept floating through my head
(repeat & fade):
Riding on the rainbow carousel

Compositor: Tom Fogerty/randy Oda

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