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Joyful Resurrection

Tom Fogerty

Have you heard (have you heard) of the joyful resurrection?
A way to bring your mind back from the dead
Have you heard (have you heard) of the joyful pain direction?
Change of scene is gonna change your head

So you think (so you think) the music got me haunted
Let me tell you, people, that ain't right
So some 'portant man has sent us all to Delphi
And the rockin' voice to carry in the night


It was late, it was late & the day was long in comin'
Mystery ship would not stop in L.A.
Oh the velvet visions' fantasy was growin'
And the underground revival set the stage

Came the dawn (came the dawn) & the sun was shinin' brightly
And the Poorboys from the country came to play
The best they had, no money
And the eagle of the darkness passed their way
(repeat verse 1)

(repeat & fade):
I said joy- (I said joy-) I said joy- (I said joy-) ful resurrection

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