Todrick Hall


Todrick Hall

Straight Outta Oz

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home

Just one quick click
Of the heels
And I feel I'm whole again
Pretty please, leave a key under the mat
Cause I'm coming home again

Take a look around
And I found that
My hometown ain't that bad

Got a one way ticket
To the life
And the white picket fence
I never had

Click two
Yellow bricks move
Out of my way
Gotta leave this road behind

And it's true that I miss you
But I can't stay
Got a brand new me to find

And believe me
If you need me
You can see me

Cause I'm blessed
To be back where the best is
Texas home sweet home
That's my adress

Click three
Negativity out of my life
A good fight
But you lost the round

I don't need your brain
Your courage or heart
I found mine from the lost and found

So give love to the ones
That make your heart beat
No power to the ones
Without smart things

Ma, keep the light on
I'm coming off the dark streets
I'll make sure to wipe my feet
Cause I'm coming home

I'm coming home
I'm running back to the arms
Of the ones who love me
(To the ones who love me)

I'm running back
Where I'm from
And im not too far away
(And I'm not too far away)

No place like home
I'm running back to the arms
To the ones who love me

I'm coming home

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