Todrick Hall


Todrick Hall

Straight Outta Oz

Hello, I'm rich nice to meet you
I got a new friend and his name Mr Visa

Bravo, I done hit the lotto
Pop the bottle, buy the world today
And pay it off tomorrow
That's a borrow, but ay

Who cares? bring the cavi' on the platter
Money in the bank, hashtag black cards matter

If the fee low, it don't belong to me doe
I went and spent a g though on a speedo
At Moschino, neat-o

But the bottoms (red)
And the carpet (red)
Velvet rope is (red)
And the roses (red)
The wine (red) , the card black
But it's still real cute when they clock this shoe
They be goo like damn

Who that who that who that
With the bad kicks (damn)
When they do that do that do that
Thats a bad bitch (damn)
Come and get it if that credit is established
Tell 'em that shit's expensive
Fitted, fitted, fitted cap with the light sag (damn)

They like it cause I rock it with the right swag (damn)
But when they start to ask about the price tag
Tell 'em that shit's expensive

This shit is expensive
Don't ask where I bought it
It's none of your business
The ruby's the reddest
The price is ridiculous
As long as you know this
This shit is expensive

We ballin' but we ain't on no budget
Hit the mall it's expensive don't you touch it
We call in and they wonder where they rack went
I'm feeling posh so adress me with an accent

Tags point up, too many colors
So many zeroes, too many commas
They call it new money but I never knew they threw in
Complimentary cockiness with the purchase of a shoe

Throw them heels up
Click 'em twice and pay that price
And get them wheels up
Dope shoes dope ride
But the ones who look expensive
Could be broke on the inside

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