Todrick Hall


Todrick Hall

Straight Outta Oz

But I think that's dumb

I been writing songs since the first grade
Been running from the truth since my first vape
To get big cars, to make big stars
It takes big scars, better get a first aid
Dumb songs are the first blade
No heart, but they're charting on the first day
How you stay brave
When they throwin' you the worst shade?
Ones with the talent are the worst paid
Anyway, if I have blue button eyes and blonde hay
Would I make the magazine on the best page?
Be the leading man, if I was less gay?
If I was a woman would you try
To give me less pay?
I could sing for you, but you prefer rap
Ask god why he made me out of burlap
Porcelain glass is a hall pass where I'm from
And I don't know about you
But I think that's dumb
I think that's dumb

We the backbone of the green city
Never been a model but I've seen plenty
Young men and women, tryna fit in
Tryna get thin, but skinny don't mean pretty
Rainbow, bright colors in the air though
Color on the air, but it's rare though
The proof is right there though
It's not fair though, but they swear
"no, what does he know? he just a scarecrow! "
Tell me something
Why we countin' blessings if they don't count?
Yeah, the show is sold out but they sold out
And I would rather walk in my shoes
'til the sole's out
Yellow brick road, less traveled
That's the old route
My money built the man a green glass palace
Tweedledum ain't
What they call it if you ask alice
Why slum, under his green thumb
Waiting for crumbs
Cause I don't know about you
But I think that's dumb
I think that's dumb

Don't find me, I got my own lane formin'
Don't mind me, I'm just brainstormin'
Do you suppose we could sell our shows
And our clothes
With no big booty crows in our videos
Will the man never stand for the people
Will we demand that our love should be legal
Will the land never treat the greens equal
Will the fight that they lost become the sequel
Cause I'll march till it's done
To the beat of my own drum
Cause there's a fight to be won
Stand on this post 'til I'm numb
At least I'm standing for some
And that we can overcome
Cause I don't know about you
But I think that's dumb
I think that's dumb

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