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Loudnclear (trudog 10)

Toby Mac


Yeah! truDeezy
With the two thousand and tweezy
To all you playa haters
Hate the playa, not the game, baby

Uh, we goin’ put it on ya
Make it loud n clear
All of my shorties (God’s soldiers)
Whether far or near
Since the last truDog
It’s been three long years
So we goin’ make it loud
We goin’ make it loud n clear

I’m goin’ make it clearer
Than a Southern California day
And even louder
‘Cause the song I sing will never fade
You really thought that T-R-U TO D-O-G was ending?
Listen, homie, you don’t even know me
This is just beginnin’

Ten-year veteran
Servin’ up the medicine
I rock a mic
You rock a trike
Oops! Your diaper’s wet again

“Stop Truey! I wear Pull-Ups, and I’m tellin’! Daddy!”

“Dad, he’s the one that wanted to have a freestyle battle.”
“Truett, he’s three-years-old.”
“Well, that’s probably why he lost. Why, you want some?”
“Ah … I created a monster”

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