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Lift You Up

Toby Mac


I've always been a dreamer, a soul seeker
I knew my life was meant for something deeper
You saw me, there's beauty all along the way

I've been walking till my feet hurt, holes in my t-shirt
Caught me at the goodwill cuz you know it's cheaper
Only got a few dollars to my name

No I, I, I, I'm never gonna stop believing
Yea I, I, I, Imma let 'em know till the day I die

We'll lift you up
Cuz you ain't ever gonna let us down
We'll lift you up
Till this place erupts
We'll lift you up
Cuz you ain't ever gonna let us down
Cuz you ain't ever gonna let us down

Yea it's been a long road, but Imma still flow
I keep pouring out my heart for the people
I'll never let the passion fade away

[Verse 4: Ryan stevenson]
And you're the only reason, I'm preaching
We'll be turning every eye to the kingdom
There ain't no way that'll ever change
No, no, no, no

How many times they need to hear me say it?
I'm a freak for you, I'm hear to make you faint

Just here to tear it apart, yea to light up the dark
I'm debt free like a bird cuz you paid the cost

So every time I get a mic in the palm of my hand
Imma tear the place down like it's my last stand
With you as my hill worth dying on, man
The only place that I've ever belongs

Oh I'm never gonna stop believing
Oh, Imma let 'em know, yea Imma let 'em know

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