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    This is how is should be done
    This is how it should be done comin' out of the black shade
    Fightin' to lighten a path made back
    Let's go way back to the beginnin'
    That's when an idea took part from the start
    Listen to another Marley beat I'm impatient
    I gotta leave my seat for motivation
    Pump the bass what's next
    Kckin' the steps me and the mirror's havin' wreck
    So hard that I cracked my neck
    And I'm poppin sweat now I'm soakin' wet
    But I feeeel it
    Grab the beat cause I must
    Defeat it's a funky groove
    So I steeeel it
    To improve what could
    Soon be the Left Eye move
    Pin it down and snatch a sample to loop it up
    And start makin' my own example cause

    This is how it should be done
    This is how it should be done (yeah, yeah)
    This is how it should be done
    This is how it should be done
    This style is identical to none

    This is how it should be done steppin' into a shade a bit lighter
    Now is the time to write a rhyme a rhythmic type of memo
    Tick-tack it to the track it is now my demo-kay
    What's to da where's to go yo I don't know
    Who's to see see ya at the local show
    Me and Mo takin' a chance and he's dancin'
    Round and round the deck as I flow
    But what an awkward situation
    Cause there's not much crowd participation
    For checkin' me out I'm too new it
    Gots to be somethin' else another way to do it
    So I sit back and think for a minute
    Which city needs a little more talent in it
    Maybe A.T.L. is the place packed up left Philly gotta hit LaFace


    This is how it should be done (hey)
    This style is identical to none

    This is how it should be done and I'm comin' through
    Grippin' the mic spittin' out what's after verse 2
    And ready to rock the spot cause I'm on it
    They wanna see what I got
    Givin' it all and makin' it seem so simple to be myself
    Along wit' doin' what I do
    Cool they want me not knowin' I'm soon to be the "L" of TLC
    Word up T.B.O.Z. that's T-Boz
    Saucin' it up is Chilli
    We three alike all small in height but I'm Left Eye
    Cause the eye is right
    So now they thinkin' well is we ready enough
    Yeah it's time to get busy
    The aftermath is the brightest path so far
    Yo cause here we are

    This is how it should be done
    This is how, this is how


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