[Verse 1]
Fuck your opinion
I don't need your approval baby
You should keep it pushing now
Just a swing and miss you ain't pullin' shit
And I really can't believe the audacity
Don't you play with me
Damn, fuck you think I am, careful what you sayin
Cuz you gone regret the day you ran that slick mouth right

You talkin' bout some shit you never get to do
Tryna get me on some stuntin shit, I'll stunt on you
Tryna get me on some stuntin shit, I'll stunt on you, (stunt on you)
Stunt on you
I ain't that bitch
(An enigma, I'm not like them)
And just when you getting kinda comfortable
I-I-I switch it up
Just when they think they know me I switch up
And when they finally onto me I switch it up
Switch it up switch up, switch up, switch it up

[Verse 2]
Not like the rest, don't fit the mold
I stay on the low, straight scheming
Girl save your breath ain't down to roll
Ya ain't even on my level, stay dreaming

[Hook] (x3)

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