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Secret Weapon


[Verse 1]
(Wait, now)
Time for me to turn the lights down
Night falls cover me in violet circles
I'm finally down totally on
All the way ready to go
You're finally here, just for the night
So I'mma make sure that you know

I'll make it so you won't forget it
I'm gone get when you least expect it
Oh, you ain't going nowhere now that
I'm gone hit you with my secret weapon oh

[Verse 2]
Man down screaming in the hallway, so loud
Reppin' all night, victim of another love crime
I'm keeping your mind totally off
All that you wish you had done
You're finally here the past is behind
Forever's begun, begun


[Verse 3]
Bet you can't handle it
Something in my mind tells me you can't handle it
Bet you can't handle it
But if your man enough you better show you love it
Like yeah, like yeah, yeah, like yeah

[Hook] (x3)

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