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When You Got Love

Tina Charles


Yeah, yeah, yeah, listen baby

We’ve got a groovy thing goin’ for us
Ain’t nothin’ gonna come between us
You and I will be a sensation
A love like ours don’t need no explanation
Loves makes the world go ‘round
And it makes two people one
Without your love, ooh baby
My world would crumble, my world would fall
When I’m in trouble, who should I call

When you got love, you’ve got a good
Thing going
When you got love, you’ve got a reason for

Listen honey, I got you, sunshine and laughter
Boy I got you from hereafter
We’re gonna be the love of the century
And when you talk, it’s just like poetry
There will come a time, my friend
When you need a helping hand
So why deny some love and affection
To enter your life
A little affection will work out just right


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