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Happy Little Africuns

Tim Minchin

And if you ever thought you'd like to give money to a starving Africun
Well tonight's the perfect night to do it
Pick up the phone you know you won't rue it
There's money in your pocket that you don't need
You don't need another pair of pre-worn jeans
You don't need expensive jewellery
You don't need a new Playstation three
When there are kids in the world who haven't even got Playstation one

Millions of kids in starving nations
Living their life with no Playstations
AIDS and war, no vaccinations
Living their life with no Playstations

If all the kids in Africa had broadband and a Playstation three
It might not solve their problems but by jove it would make them happy
It would surely take their minds off clean water and rice
Getting to shoot donut eating American kids in their big fat faces
With fuck-off plasma guns
Happy little Africuns

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