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When The Tide Comes In

Tiger Army

When the tide comes in, I'll still love you

Late night - Indian summer
Moonlit beach - two lovers, one pulls away
Is it the end - uncertain
Everything has its curtain call

The tide ebbs and so does her love
Silver sharks devour dreams above
And the waves roll on

His heart yearns - devotion
As wide as this ocean
The moon burns a hole in the night
Her heart catches an ember
Tide rising - she remembers
The sharks will go hungry tonight

Like the tides, many things go high and low
But some things must not be let go

(And she said) When the tide comes in - I'll still love you
We'll begin again out towards the ocean, I'll follow you down
(And he said) When the tide comes in - I'll still love you
When the roar becomes a whisper, into the blackness
I'll follow you down

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