Sea Of Fire

Tiger Army

"Sea Of Fire"

A restless feeling consumes me tonite --
It won't go away
I try to hold on but my will ebbs like a tide
I'm drawn to her like a moth to a flame...
Pleasure and destruction, are they both the same?
Won't you join me my dear
On this night we'll play the Devil's game

There's something 'bout tonite
There's something in the air
There's an ocean of flame
I can feel it burning somewhere
And if there's such a place, then that's the place that you'll find me
I can hear the fire calling. I want to take you there
Can you hear the fire calling?

I'm gonna drown in a Sea of Fire, won't you come with me?
I'm going down to the Sea of Fire, baby won't you come?
Passion that is worth an eternity of torment and sorrow
And so we sail into the Sea of Fire and now it won't be long

As moths we gravitate to the lantern of sin
But they don't understand --
The only sin is to die, without having truly lived
One look into your eyes tells me you feel it too
You're drawn to the fire
The moths flutter together in the frenzy of their last moments

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