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Money Changes Everything

Tiger Army

if I were you
your gonna die tonight
you did something wrong & you know it wasnt right
money means much more to you
feeling you had to screw
the friends you had
the friends you knew
all they were was nice to you
life is such a lonely place
and theres no one you can trust....

because money changes everything
yes money
money changes everything...
you think you know what your doing
you dont know a thing
and life is such a lonely place
when theres no one you can trust...

no the time has come
for me to go and die
I have to go away
I have to say goodbye
I Wish That I Could See The Day
To See You you Burn To See The Gage
who cares you die in rubble rush
Some People Turn To Ashes N Dust
Life Is Such A Lonely Place
And Theres No One I Can Trust ....

Cuz Money
Money Changes Everything
Yes Money
Money Changes Everything
we think we know what were doing
we dont know a thing!
life is such a lonely place
when theres no one you can trust...

no one to trust...

money... changes everything
money... changes everything
money money money ... changes everything
money... changes! everything!

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