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I Am The Moth

Tiger Army

I am just a dream - that disappears into the darkness
I cannot be seen - but I have been here all along
Dust enchanted, it clings to me
Taken and sprinkled by the Sandman
One touch I disintegrate
Fluttering always through your dreams

And they say they know of darkness
But I have lived there all my life
A butterfly knows not the dark's kiss
I am the Moth, and through the lonely night I fly

A Death's Head grins in the night
Under the moon a kiss of nectar
You are the flower, you are the light
That draws my demise ever nearer
Catch me, please take my life
The glass I'm under like a mirror
Pierce me, right through the heart
Displayed so coldly here forever

Letra enviada por Leandro Saueia

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