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Grey Dawn Breaking

Tiger Army

II Power Of Moonlite

Walking in the dawn of grey despair
Your dreams are over and the winter is here
When all that you love is gone
The cold is setting in-it will remain here for so long
For so long....

Into the stone the past is writ
Summers of love fade into autumns of regret
Nothing but that dream late in the night
Another place, another time, a glimpse into another life
Another life....

And the time is coming soon....
In the midnight black cut by the silver of the moon
Rejoice, ride on the wings of fate
By torchlight phoenix rise-Regenerate
(In the Dawn of Grey Despair, In the Dawn,
you will find it there)

Another day so hard to face
Empty as the grey sky, oppressed by winter days
At night the moon cannot be seen
Day and night the rain come down, but every night
the same dream
The same dream....

There is a place within your mind and heart
Spring eternal, youth's hope and strength
Not so far as it seems here in this dawn
Now you must walk towards the dream-become it as the
night comes on
The night comes on....

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