Tiger Army


I hear them calling to me from another world
Look at the place you live they say
Oh won't you join us in a world that's without pain?
Leave behind your misery

I cannot listen without longing
To let go of my burdens sounds so sweet
Reasons to hold on there are many -
This I must remember when the sirens call to me

I hear them calling from beyond
From beyond oh no
Sometimes I feel I can't go on
I hear them calling from beyond
From beyond oh no
Must find the strength to carry on
I need you with me

When I awake the siren still resonates
In sadness from unremembered dreams
And in the prison of this longing
I'm waiting for parole, waiting to be free

I know that my time here has not yet come
There's still so much that's left to do and say
I know that my work here is not done
But I'll go to them someday

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