Tierra Whack

Feel Good

Tierra Whack

Why would I lie and say I feel good
when I don't feel good?
All I really want is to be happy
and truly feel good
I got everybody lookin' at me like
"why she don't feel good? "
I done seen the stars, I done seen the lights
But I can't forget that I'm still hood
Fake smiles never had me sold
Even in the summer, my heart cold
Whack, why you always be so bold?
Holidays just keep gettin' old
(holidays just keep gettin' old)
Who can I look up to when I'm feelin' down?
Just me and not you, don't want you around
It goes happy this, it goes happy that
But somehow I can't seem to find happy whack
(where did she go?)
(holidays just keep gettin' old)

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