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Nothing But A Song

Tiago Iorc


I read your mind a thousand times
Exempt myself from alibis
Surrender to me softly
You're trying to find a different side on me

You see this life
As nothing but a song without no rhyme

Hum dap dararah
Hum dap dararah oh

Devote myself with compromise
Selfishly lying, giving bad advice
Surrender to me once again
You're trying to find a boy inside a man

You ask me why
We suffocate our lives beneath the sky

Hum dap dararah
Hum dap dararah oh

Maybe we're losing all reason in our silly fights
Maybe this time it'll seem right
I wanna tell you about
The day we first met and
How I feel when you're holding me tight
Oh, And how you've changed my life

Hum dap dararah
Hum dap dardrah oh

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