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The Deceitful


Distrust rules in Asgards heart
Farbautes son is spinning his web
With laughter, lies and malicous acts
Infecting our divine paradise

But we can not kill you, we are bound as we cry
A sign of death before Ragnarök arrives!
"So Höder, why don't they let you shoot at your brother?
Here, take this arrow, I'll help you aim..."


Loke - spawned by giants you came to us
Deceitful - if we can not trust you, who can we trust?

Your outrages are many, with that we must live
As your stepbrother I must you forgive
Your children will haunt us, and we will them meet
In the final battle, when you sail your fleet

On the flaming sea, you stand in the stern
Still you are laughing, in the fire you must burn!
"So Tyr, where is your right hand?
Seems like Fenris still has it between his jaws..."

Repeat chorus

By PhMetal

Compositor: Lyrics: Lindgren & Music: Lindgren/löf

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